@Drarebreed1 in Baba Lon Dara!!!

I first met this talented rapper about 2 years ago, he was very humble and sent me a few of his songs to critique. I said my piece and he took it in good faith. Fast forward to the future and D.Rare Breed is set to stamp his name on the map.

In his words…

D Rare-breed is a long time music enthusiast and a fan of the hip hop culture. However,after so many years, hip hop for this Nigerian rapper, it has gone from a mere hobby to a tool for positive change. His faith is no doubt an integral part of his being. This is evident in this track titled Baba Lon dara “Its God my father who is doing wonders” in which he brags not about things but about his Father, the giver of things and much more. You can be sure that this is a blend of good music that edifies the spirit, stimulates the mind and gives the body an avenue for expression as he is got the multi talented and award-winning OkeySokay on the beats.



Confessions (Same Love Cover)

From the rapper simply known as Motola comes this reworking of the controversial Macklemore hit song Same Love.

In his words

Gbenro Omotolase Ikeolapo is a Christian rapper who goes by the stage name ‘Motola’, a ‘ Vessel’ for the propagation of the gospel as he poses..
He grew listening to contemporary Hip-Hop music from which he developed passion for rap music. On streets, hoods and schools, he’s seen as a contending contemporary rap battler as he participated and won lots of music contest. Motola was raised by a single mother who nurtured him in the christian way but he never saw the need for a Christ-like life until he obliged the divine call to use his talent for the cause of Christ.

His new single ‘Confe$$ion$’ is a musical dialogue aimed at finding panaceas to the panoramic problems, addictions that has besieged contemporary youths




IGWE by @Iam_chidon

Deezed Entertainment artist CHIDON is back with another one he titles IGWE, after successful release of his previous single IF NA MOUTH, he decides to thank God for his successes with this track. IGWE is a song of praise talking about Gods goodness in our daily lives. its a mid tempo dance song only aimed at making you dance while you praise God. like the igbos say “e to dike na
nke omere , omekwa ozo” translates “when you thank a king for his goodness, he does more”.
just simply praise is produced by CHIDON.


@Giftberries Presents OZO.

Giftberries is a leader of one of the most dynamic gospel music groups in Nigeria: GT Crew. Her vision is to sing of God’s faithfulness, all around the world. Gift who has a bubbly personality and love for people, has worked with many outstanding artistes and music producers like fellow OrangeVille signee Okey Sokay, GameMan, Gabbie G, Eben, Dieko, KSB, Provabs, just to mention a few.

It was her birthday recently and she came bearing gifts by dropping an upbeat groovy song titled ‘’Ozo’’ Produced by Label mate and in-house producer for Orangeville, Okey Sokay.

@XL2Letters in YOU NO KNOW.

After the brief silence of a few months and Background work, XL2LETTERS returns with a fresh new sound and approach to hip hop like it’s never been heard before.

In his latest single titled ‘YOU NO KNOW’, XL2LETTERS cuts across with a much more dynamic sound and an upbeat progression while staying true to his hip hop roots. On this track, XL2LETTERS expresses his appreciation for all God has done for him and others around him. He also states that his blessings are too many to be counted and he is grateful for every one of them. He features the talented songstress GIFTBERRIES, creating a perfect blend of hip hop and soul on a dance hall beat. The Track is produced by the multi-talented and award-winning OkeySokay.

It is the first  song from THE SE7EN EP, which will consist of 7 awesome tracks slated for release on the 7th of July 2014 [7/7/14].


Ayaya by Protek.

On this groovy upbeat tune produced by and featuring Okey Sokay,Rooftop Clan Music Artist, Protek, lends from the Ibibio dialect and expresses how good His God is. The song AYAYA is one that we can all relate with and is guaranteed to get you dancing.
Protek who in the past has released Pray featuring Praiz and Super Hero Lomo featuring Sokleva (Rooftop MCs) is currently at work on his debut album which will be released later in 2014.

For further updates and to connect with Protek you can find him on twitter @Protekniks

Download Ayaya —–> Click Here